One-time Versus Ongoing SEO Services – Which Investment Is Better?


Using one-time SEO services, you can create a user and SEO-friendly website including engaging content and high-value keywords to attain organic top results. For link building, you can use paid Google Ads or PPC without the need for ongoing SEO services.

The aim is to get your site listed on top because high ranking means more organic traffic that can boost your ROI. It sounds so pleasing but unfortunately, the reality is that website optimization needs constant maintenance. Fortunately, you can consider approaching Australian Internet Advertising, an SEO Sydney agency for ongoing website maintenance to always stay above your competitors.

One-time versus ongoing SEO services

Search engines are getting smarter and powerful at analyzing as well as understanding web pages. The algorithms are constantly fluctuating, so even your SEO strategy needs to adjust and match the refined set of rules. Google is always bringing innovative updates and refined algorithms to enhance the overall search integrity.

Currently, Google made major changes on how to handle redirection, mobile search, and local searches. How can you forget the introduction of Penguin 4.0? In Penguin 4.0, constant white-hat link-building is prioritized. Google has a history of changing its algorithm every month, so an ongoing SEO service is better!

Search pattern change

Over time search patterns can change. People may use different keywords to search your products on search engines. Consistent keyword monitoring with the help of Google analytics, keyword ranking tools, competitive research, social media trends, etc. is essential. You have to stay ahead of search habit changes and identify new keyword opportunities, so an ongoing SEO service is great!

User expectation changes

A website that was designed 5 years ago will not be able to deliver the same level of user experience as a new one. Users expect more as time passes in terms of clean design, easy navigation, clear content, mobile-friendly, and other interactive features. User experience and user interface are on-page metrics SEO experts specialize in and even important to Google search engine.

Focus on fresh and unique content

Google algorithm updates have revealed that websites with original and fresh content are preferred. The content creation has to focus on user experience including the keywords. Creating good and engaging content takes effort and time but partnering with ongoing SEO services it can be achieved. Besides, website optimization can become an enduring priority!

Insufficient resources

Some businesses cannot handle the cost of ongoing SEO professionals, but simultaneously they lack resources and expertise in website optimization in-house. SEO is crucial for small businesses and needs to be considered as an investment and not cost. One-time SEO can be bad if you lack the staff and time to consistently maintain your website.

Lack knowledge about Google Analytics

SEO has to be merged with marketing goals, but if you lack understanding about Google Analytics then you will be missing a lot of opportunities. Looking at analytics better decisions are made for effective marketing. SEO consultants are skilled and experienced in keeping track of which campaigns are working well and which are not. The budget is then adjusted towards the ads that are performing well.

Investing in ongoing SEO service is better because your competitor may be paying professionals for ongoing optimization and grabbing good opportunities!


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