Best and Most Trusted Software in Archiving Arena


As far as file archiving and storage solutions are concerned, there are plenty of options available out there but only about a few of them turns out to be reliable and trustworthy of the lot. ArchiverFS is a hot and happening File Archiving Solution for Servers and Storage Systems that is known to be popular of the lot when compared to all others in this range. 

The best of ArchiverFS 

ArchiverFS comes across as the most popular file archiving solution for servers and network storage systems that let one use any device as second tier storage and also comes along with a tiny footprint on the host system. It provides for exceptional support for cloud, DFS, replication, compression, de-duplication and when compared to other major archiving software as it very well comes with the option of letting use the NAS, SAN or cloud platform as storage for your old unstructured files.

In case, you are sharing it to a network with that of a UNC path and format it with that of NTFS then you can very well use it as second-line storage of the lot. It does not make use of the second line storage at any point of time. One need not have to use a database for the purpose of storing files, file meta data or that of pointers to files. It comes across as the best from the start to the end overall.  The ArchiverFS was first released in the year 2002. It is used by some extensive range of organizations worldwide which definitely brings out the best features of the lot. It is a unique file storing system that comes with plenty of interesting features and benefits to go with which is why it has been able to stay in the top for several years now in an absolutely successful manner. The growth of its popularity is comparable to time management software that’s also used worldwide for workflow organization, productivity improvement, etc.

The most cost-effective archiving option

ArchiverFS is a top and unique solution when compared amongst other file archiving solutions out there for network file storage, SMB shares as well as that of Windows file servers. When compared to other archiving products, ArchiverFS just uses normal NTFS files and folders from that start to the end. In that cost front, the archiving solution happens to be the best of the lot as it comes across as a simple yet efficient system that is able to deliver what it promises in a perfect manner. 

Functional overview of ArchiverFS

ArchiverFS also turns out to be quite clear about its service offering and objectives which is why more number of businesses is using it. It has a perfectly functional overview of ArchiverFS and is extensively used by over several businesses worldwide which are exactly why it has made to the top and that too in a huge manner. It does not provide for additional unwanted services and does not act as some kind of pseudo-document management system.  It offers something that it is really good at and does not take up other additional services in this regard. It is known to provide exactly what it is good at. It offers for lightweight and turns out to be highly efficient at offering the best solutions for old as well as out of date unstructured files found in the network shares. You can very well check out the link to know more about it,

The software enables one to migrate the old files from that of the UNC path to any other UNC path over the network using that of various criteria which include age, type, and size overall. The target that one makes use of to move the old files can also be that of NAS device, ISCSI volume, CIFS share as well as VM or even that of cloud storage on Amazon AWS or Google Cloud or Azure. The source as well as the target volumes need to be formatted with that of NTFS and is also shared to that of the network with SMB which helps with the management and migration of content with ease.

NTFS only used and no proprietary storage

It needs to be understood that the archiving solution tries to store the files or even the necessary information from that of a migrated files in a database or that of the proprietary storage system. This is absolutely crucial as it provides for huge sort of scalability and also brings out the much needed efficiency factor. The 3.4 PetaBytes of unstructured data is the largest file system that it currently handles and that too with the right software. This is especially done with using a single data center edition license that is installed on that of a small VM with just using 4 vCPUs and that of 6GB of RAM space.

Direct and instant access to the content

In case a user clicks on a specific link that was found behind in place of that of an archived file it can be known that all of the IO goes directly from that of user workstation to the file directly. It has no agents or components so that the users need not have to sit around for the purpose of finding or waiting for an item that needs to be returned to live system so that one can access it afterward. The maintenance jobs run fully on a regular basis so that, it can be returned to a live system overall. The important information such as where each file is archived is well maintained as well. It uses a proper structure and directory for this purpose. 

The best and most trusted platforms happens to be ArchiverFS that has an absolutely strong support system to its credit which is exactly why it stays on the top of the slot for the past several years. It is a much trusted name in the software arena and has been extensively used by one and all for this purpose. You can very well check out the website to know more as to what it has got to offer for one and all.


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