4 Ways to Boost Customer Retention in 2021


The old rules have just got twisted- Personal relations, in-person meetings, mapping multiple people in the customer’s premise and several others. The pandemic has wreaked havoc even in the business world. It is indeed time to write new rules on boosting customer retention in 2021-let’s say the year of vaccination.

Here are the four ways we recommend to boost customer retention in 2021.

  1. Boost Your Content
    If you haven’t invested in content till now, it is the time to invest in a good content marketing company to help you achieve your goals. There are more reasons than ever that your customers and prospects are spending more time online to study about the problems they are facing and even about the solutions you have recommended or even implemented.
    Ensure you have the study materials your customers and prospects would like to go through and will ensure they stay on your platform as much as possible. As a proactive step, you should also offer the best research and reports to your customers to help them make an informed decision and stay apprised on what matters to them. Using Digital Marketing Services in India and YouTube marketing services would surely be a good start.
  2. Find the Digital Connect
    In the good old (read pre-2020) days, chances are you had a connection with the business decision-maker, the gatekeeper, the influencer and the one who is our cheerleader in the customer’s premise. All this ensured you had a good hold at the customer. While replicating this online seems improbable, there’s still a lot you can do.
    Ensure you set online appointments with all the stakeholders, ask your spoke at the customer’s premise on who the decision-maker and influencers are and do not forget to keep interacting with all the stakeholders. Don’t just rely on emails, ensure people hear you and see you- even if it is on a video call.
  3. Ask Questions
    Asking questions, as they say, is a sign of intelligence and it was never more literal than this. In 2021 and from here on, since work from is here to stay, you need to ask the right questions to your customers they need your services to serve their customers thus some right questions will be:
    1. How can you help them provide better services?
    2. How can they get better reviews?
    3. How is management looking at these solutions?
    4. What are their priorities for the quarter and the year?

Being mostly online, asking the right questions has become meaningful than ever


  • Be Genuine
    Every business is essentially a people management work, to ensure people remember you, be genuine. Show authentic emotions, share concerns, problems and what you are doing about these problems. The authenticity will assure that customers do not just remember you but also be honest with you, a blueprint for retention.
    Using the services of a top Digital Marketing Services Company in India will ensure that you may replicate all these factors in your content strategy and stay flexible with what you communicate. A good content marketing company will not only help you with the content and communication strategy but also with the videos using the youtube marketing services.

Thus, make 2021 the best business year by retaining your existing customers and ensuring they stay your evangelists which will help you get references, word of mouth and testimonials to attract other customers as well. A Digital Marketing Service Company in India will help you to use these testimonials to grow your business to new heights.

Let me know how are you doing on customer retention since the pandemic struck?

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